Amir Attia is a visual designer, educator and photographer whose versatile experience enables him to bring thoughtful perspectives into creative designs, thus, making them more communicative and impactful. He is adept at transforming complex contexts into clear and simple visuals, with great attention to details. Amir has an in-depth understanding of graphic communication theories, branding and UI/UX concepts, with meticulous management and effective communication skills that ensure the projects’ workflow smoothness and achieve the projects’ objectives in a timely manner.

His professional practice as a visual designer, production artist and art director for a number of companies combined with his teamwork ethics, ongoing freelance projects experiences, thorough understanding of marketing theories, branding values, and proficiency in software enable him to handle design projects successfully.

Amir’s good knowledge of printing techniques, materials and overall production skills enable him to utilize effects (textures, dimensions, dielines, embossing… etc.) into designs, thus provoking deeper connections with the brands while providing elegance.